A made up logo for Paladins.

Paladins are an organization from the Jumperverse. They act as the main antagonist in all mediums of the series. They are a highly organized group that act very quickly and have technology that the world has never seen. They are on a constant journey in destroying the population Jumpers.



Griffin in the film adaptation of Jumper stated that Paladins have been killing Jumpers since medieval times. With this little snippet, we can only assume that Paladins organized in medevial times.


Paladins are in the Movie only. In the novel, the main antagonists are the NSA.


According to Griffin in the movie adaptation, Paladins and Jumpers have been at war ever since medieval times. They state that only God should have the ability to be in all places at all times.

Religious ValuesEdit

Paladins believe that Jumpers are an abomination to the world and a disgrace to God. They believe that their power should only be for God, not them. To pin a certain religion on them is impossible, but we do know that they believe in a God. They feel like they are doing a service for God by killing any Jumper they can find.


Power StickEdit

The power stick is a short pole that harvests electricity. Some where in time the Paladins realized that, with enough voltage (at least 1,000), a Jumper can not jump. This stick has a ball at one end that when comes in contact with a person, a large amount of electricity is transferred to the person. This leaves the person paralyzed for a brief moment also stop a Jumper from jumping.

Another feature of the Power Stick is an electric tether that shoots out and grapples on to anything. This has no electric effect until the stick is grounded. This creates an electric current that sends over 1,000 volts of electricity to the victim.

Scar Ripper (Unnamed Scar Opener)Edit

For simplicity purposes, we are going to call this device a Scar Ripper. This advanced technological box creates a strong electrical force that can rip open scars that are fading to keep them open. The electrical field is powerful enough to create storms in the area in which that box is activated. The device looks like a box with blue lights aligned around the outer surfaces. A handle is located at the top, when a user turns the handle then pushes the handle down, the Scar Ripper is activated. As of now, Roland is the only person shown to use this device although the device is shown being put away in the Jungle Jumper scene.

Major PaladinsEdit


As of right now, Paladins are still a large organization and very powerful.


  • A deleted scene on the DVD of Jumper shows that the Scar Ripper is highly dangerous and have killed people using the device.

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