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The World of Jumper

Some of you may notice there is two Jumper Wikias. There is a description of this one and the other one along with what this wikia is about under the About page! Enjoy!



David Rice

David is the main character of all the Jumperverse mediums except for Jumper: Griffin's Story. He has the ability to teleport where ever he pleases when ever he pleases. With this ability, he is placed in the Jumpers affiliation. His true love is Millie Harris( Harrison in novels) in all mediums of the Jumperverse.

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CpOur current project is transferring all the articles from the old Wikia to this one. Also we are looking for Admin which we may add up to five right now. If the Wikia grows larger then we will add more than five. Also, adding pages that will help new comers are welcomed, just get them checked first.

Current Goal: Clean-Up!

Our Vision: 100 Decent Articles.

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